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Secure your family with a life insurance policy.

About Me.

About Me.

Peace of Mind is the Greatest Feeling!!


Hello, my name is Portia Benson
Grew up in Chicago, money was one thing we didn’t
have. Our mother and father knew how to make ends
meet. There were nine of us, my father worked at the
post office as a truck driver our mom stayed home. Our
family did not have life insurance when our father
passed. We had to borrow money from our relatives, it
was heartbreaking, not to mention the grief we felt. My
mother didn’t have life insurance once again, and our
baby brother 19 years old died from cancer two years
later. We had to borrow money again to bury our
brother. Now a days they have GoFundMe funerals.
Family is a precious gift, even if you’re single, life
insurance is a blessing for the people that love you.
We Never Know “WHEN or WHERE!!

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GoFundMe is not Insurance.


Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance

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